Welcome to Sower's Harvest, LLC. of El Rancho, NM

Helping to Reap More from What You Sow!

We understand your desire for gardening; otherwise, you wouldn't be at our site. Our patent-pending, self-watering, water conserving, wicking container garden products, designs, and services, both above- and in-ground, will help you achieve your quest for horticultural success. Whether you want a simple gardening kit for your patio, a pre-fabricated model that reflects your personality, or a customized system that makes a statement, check out what Sower’s Harvest, LLC. has to offer!

Our goal at Sower's Harvest, LLC is to provide quality service in consulting, designing, building, and delivering self- and semi-self-watering wicking container garden systems, both above- and in-ground, in the Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Espanola, NM surrounding area. We also offer set-up, complete installation, and on-site services to help you succeed in gardening.

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